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 Every home has got to take special care of the ground. Different types of cleaners are used for every sort of floor. Travertine floor is one among the foremost expensive of all kinds of floor. Therefore, special care must be taken for this sort of floor. There are various sorts of cleaners which clean the ground easily. Let's mention a number of these cleaners.

What is travertine flooring?

Travertine may be a sort of limestone and a kind of stone. Tiles are made up of this stone and it's used as a floor.

Travertine may be a special and really attractive sort of limestone. It's a fibrous and marble texture. It's a beautiful color like earth tone. It's the foremost popular stone and currently getting used extensively in building construction. It is widely used as a flooring material. Its tan, brown, rust and beige colors are very fashionable. It's very strong and sturdy, looking tons like natural stone. Travertine may be a very heavy stone. However, It's not suitable for all locations. It's used only in large buildings.

Is there any classification of Travertine floor?

Travertine tiles are often purchased at some tile shops and even home improvement centers. We will divide the travertine tiles into four classes.

 Polishing: This sort of tile is extremely glossy and smooth, because the stone is polished and sealed completely for max smoothness, in order that there are not any pores of any kind. It's effective in preventing stains, such tiles are slippery as they're very smooth, more slippery when wet for any reason.

 Hond: This sort of travertine is lightly polished and fully sealed. As a result, full polished stone is far less slippery. It's hottest to be used as a floor within the home.

 Tumbled: This sort of stone as an antique look and has rounded corners. This sort of tiles is heavy in speed, it's not commonly used.

 Brushed: Brushed travertine features a lot of texture. It often seems like matte.

What cleaners are the simplest for travertine floor?

With regular sweeping and mopping, travertine stones are often taken care of. Acidic cleaners like vinegar and bleach can't be used, as they're harmful to the ground and may contaminate the surface. Rather, a cleaner of neutral pH should not be used to keep the ground bright.

What is the method to wash travertine floor?

First you've got to vacuum to get rid of dirt, dust, dry stains, debris from the ground. During this case microfiber mops are often used. 

Second, you've got to pour the answer on the ground and clean it with pads.

 At the top of all the ground should be dry.

Can we use peroxide on travertine floor?

Yes, to exterminate Oxiclean are often used. It is a peroxide based product. It will not harm the polish on the ground.

There are some cleaners for travertine floor:

1)Granite floor cleaner:

This floor cleaner is formed in such how that it's highly effective for stone, travertine floors. It's cost-effective.

 The ground is often easily cleaned with it. The cleaner is non-rinse type. Easily breaks down dirt, grime and oils and keeps floors bright and soft.

 The cleaner protects granite, marble, travertine floors, protects from germs.

 Visual results are often seen on the ground after use.

 It's the highest-quality cleaner. Its natural formula is non-toxic, non-acidic and features a neutral pH. It's biodegradable, does no harm to the environment. It doesn't contain any phosphate, ammonia or the other alkaline substance. The cleaner is originally made within us.

2)Granite Gold Shower cleaner:

It  protects granite, marble, travertine floors. 

 The surface of the travertine floor is perforated, which may damage the ground if it is not cleaned properly. This cleaner only has the answer. This cleaner first creates a barrier that takes effective measures against oil, wine and other liquid stains. It provides protection not only on travertine but also on granite, marble, limestone and every one other natural stones. It's non-toxic, non-acidic and doesn't contain any phosphate or ammonia or the other alkaline substance and biodegradable and features a neutral pH. Travertine is very easy to use. Firstly, it must be sprayed on a 3-foot area of the rock surface and wiped with a cloth. Spray 2-3 times for maximum protection. The sealer should be polished about 24 hours after application. 

 Stone which is natural can't be cleaned with any ordinary cleaner. This error can cause a damage to the stone and make highly expensive repairs. Granite Gold Shower Cleaner Spray is that the solution for cleaning natural stone and bathrooms. It works safely and effectively. The shower cleaner prevents spray mold, germs, dirt, soap scams and hard-water deposits too. This premium cleansing agent isn't only non-toxic but also acid-free, base free and biodegradable. It contains no phosphate or ammonia or any toxic chemicals like benzene and  often used for bath and shower fixtures for better clean and round the shower wall too. It is used on the surface of quartz and ceramic tiles also. This spray is proudly made within the us and it's worldly reputed. 

3)Delta Carbona granite cleaner:

Cleans and shines the travertine floor and protects the ground from germs.

Safe and straightforward to use on limestone, silestone, corian, and travertine floor.

It is a pleasant citrus-scented cleaner. It has other scents as well.

Ingredients: 5% Non-Ionic Surfactants or detergents, Aroma, Benzisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone or Ethylisothiazolinone, Dimethyloxazolidine etc.

4)Granite gold home care solution: 

Granite gold home care collection includes everything by which you'll clean and look after your travertine surface.

 The pack includes Granite Gold Daily Cleaner which is employed for everyday clean, Granite Gold Polish which acts as polisher, Granite Gold All-Surface Cleaner which is employed for travertine, ceramic, quartz, granite and stone floor and Granite Gold Scrub Sponges.

These are non-toxic, biodegradable, pH balanced and safe.

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