You Will Never Thought That Owning A Quick Shine Floor Cleaner Could Be So Beneficial!

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 Let's mention an excellent floor cleaner. That is Quick Shine floor clear.

What is Quick Shine floor cleaner?

QUICK SHINE multi-surface floor cleaner can clean dirt, grease and scratches on the ground surface naturally without the utilization of strong alkali or ammonia. Our pH neutral formula are often safely used on hardwood, laminate, LVT, luxury vinyl, tile and stone floors.

How can we use Quick Shine floor cleaner? 

Just remove the bottle from the squeegee holder. Remove the cap and fill it with Quick Shine multifunctional floor cleaner. Close the lid and put the bottle back within the squeegee holder.

Is it better for vinyl floor?

Quick Shine multifunctional surface floor treatment agent are often used on all floors with hard surfaces: wood, laminate, tile, vinyl and stone. Be careful with the breeze.

Can we use it on concrete floor?

Yes, Quick Shine can make any floor with a tough surface have a shiny luster.

Is quick shine safe for pets?

Quick Shine are often used safely in families with children and pets, and is jointly certified with DFE/EPA to possess cleaner air and safer chemicals. We are proud to display your prints on all Quick Shine labels. A closed corporation established within  us .

There are many types of Quick Shine floor cleaner. Such as:

Quick shine multi surface floor finish:

It is suitable for parquet floors, laminates, LVT luxury vinyl tiles, LVP luxury vinyl panels, ceramic tiles or stone floors, rearranging, polishing and polishing floors to feature a protective layer, which may fill in micro-scratches and make the ground look smooth. Wipe clean on the ground. Freed from aluminum, ammonia, formaldehyde, fragrances, parabens, phthalates and gluten. Safer products, approved by the EPA and made within us .

Ingredients: Filtered water, zinc-free polymer, polymer emulsion, plasticizer, mild solvent, leveling surfactant, biodegradable preservative, defoamer.

Quick Shine multi-surface daily floor cleaner:

Advanced formula made within the United States: Just spray and wipe to avoid life-long stains. U.EPA Safer Choice approved family-friendly formulas make them safer for youngsters and pets. It is often applied to hardwood, laminate, LVT luxury vinyl tiles, LVP luxury vinyl flooring, ceramic tiles and stone. Advanced intelligent cleaning technology can clean without streaks or residues. Freed from alcohol, ammonia, formaldehyde, parabens and gluten.

Quick Shine everyday spot floor cleaner:

Clean parquet, laminate, tile, vinyl and stone floors. Specialize in fingerprints, pet stains, spills and daily cleaning. Won't reduce the rich luster of Quick Shine flooring. Laminate flooring, ceramic tile, vinyl and stone flooring won't damage the strong gloss of Quick Shine flooring.

Quick Shine multi surface spray mop:

Quick Shine Multi-Surface Spray Mop for Floor Cleaner-Quick Shine introduces a replacement and improved multi-surface spray mop for cleaning all kinds of floor surfaces. Polish the spray mop. Because of its new lightweight structure and even spraying technology, your floor are going to be cleaned quickly and with minimal effort. The fast Shine spray mop doesn't require batteries and contains Quick Shine microfibers. This manner your floor looks good. Use with Quick Shine multifunctional floor cleaner for straightforward cleaning. Just pour the cleaning solution into the built-in spray, spray it out and wipe it off. An important accessory for cleaning your house. Attention! Don't pour wax or varnish on the spray mop, intrinsically products will block the spray mechanism and cause permanent damage.

Quick Shine hardwood floor cleaner:

27 ounces (0.8 l)of fast gloss, hardwood cleaner, restores the richness, color and wonder of hardwood floors, just spray and apply, take a step back to understand the high-performance formula, and has pure power and is rich in natural carnauba anti-herbal properties lifestyle with heavy traffic, shining, 27 ounces(0.8 l), hardwood cleaner, restores the richness, color and wonder of hardwood floors. Just spray and spread, retreat and appreciate, the traffic formula is heavy, and therefore the strength of the natural plant-based carnauba are often enhanced to face up to the heavy traffic of lifestyle. There's no yellowing. Dries call at quarter-hour. Enriched with Kanuba. Specially developed for processing hardwoods.

Quick Shine hardwood floor wet and dry mop:

There are quite one billion disposable mats in our landfills, and lots of consumers are using more sustainable methods to get rid of dust, dirt and pet hair and keep the ground clean. QUICK SHINE parquet or shiny products, please apply dry on the powder. Environmentally friendly reusable pillows. 

Quick Shine high traffic hardwood floor cleaner:

Restore the richness, color and wonder of hardwood floors, and improve durability to face up to heavy traffic. Add a protective coating to fill in micro-scratches and make the ground look flat. Quick and straightforward to use-apply to wash, sealed wooden floors and dry during the renovation process. Long-lasting finish. It's rich in natural, natural and vegetable coriander, freed from  ammonia, formaldehyde, fragrance, parabens, phthalates and gluten. Safer products, approved by the EPA and made within us .

Ingredients: R/O water, styrene acrylic polymer, tri-2-butoxyethyl phosphate, 1,2-propylene glycol, polyethylene/polypropylene emulsion, carnauba emulsion, dipropylene glycol monomethyl ether, 1,2 -Benzothiazolin-3-one, fluorinated polyester, silicone emulsion.

Quick Shine refill pad:

The reusable microfiber mat are often installed on the fast Shine hardwood floor mop or any mop attachment with a maximum size of 10 x 4.5. Thick fibers will trap and block dust and debris. Use a dry microfiber mat to get rid of dust. The textured strip captures and removes dust, allergens and animal hair. The pave is perfectly coated with Quick Shine Floor Shine or Quick Shine Hardwood Floor Shine with a humid microfiber cloth. Microfiber pillows are often machine washed or hand washed with neutral soap. Don't use bleach or fabric softener, and always air dry.

After all, we encourage you to shop for this product, which may enliven your floor.

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