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There are many types of floor cleaner. Some are unique and some are common. Again, some are expensive and some are cheap. Do you know what Better Life Floor Cleaner is? What's it basically used for? Let's determine.

What is better life floor cleaner?

The Better Life formula is merely mixed with herbal cleansers like soap bark, lemon, coconut and vegetable oil. This suggests that it doesn't contain harsh chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate, petroleum solvents, ether, alcohols and parabens.

The cleanser features a mild natural smell, so it shouldn't be too big for people with sensitive noses. Various extracts are often wont to make citrus mint flavor, including grapefruit, lemon, mint, orange, cardamom, mint, lime, tangerine, tangerine and bergamot. But 0.01% of an artificial preservative called methyl isothiazolinone is added to stay the natural elements used fresh. Citrus fruits naturally contain solvents that remove dirt and grease. After cleaning our house, the citrus smell lasted for about an hour, after which there was only a small sense of freshness.

Is better life cleaner disinfectant?

This environmentally friendly cleaner can disinfect and disinfect surfaces without leaving any chemical residues. For those that are sensitive to smell, the smell is additionally light and subtle.

Does it kill germs or bacteria?

Better life floor cleaner may be a cleaning agent. They're going to not kill bacteria or viruses. EPA has registered disinfectant cleaners as pesticides and leave toxic residues on your surface these chemicals aren't only deadly to bacteria and bacteria!

How can we use it?

It is suitable for wood, tile, marble, bamboo, vinyl, laminate and other sealed floors to get a streak-free, shiny luster. It's directly applicable to any sort of soil a touch bit.

There are many sorts of higher life floor cleaner. Almost all of them add an equivalent way. However, it's normal to possess some differences within the product. Discussed below.

Better life dirt destroying floor cleaner:

Safely clean and restore bright luster: wood, tile, stone, bamboo, vinyl, laminate and other sealed floors. Don't rinse, leaving no residue-perfect for daily cleaning of spilled materials or the whole floor (directly sprayed on the surface) VOC-free, alkylphenol reactants and delicious citrus peppermint volatile oil (odorless) haven't been tested by animals. Please note that the color of the ground cleaner bottle are often transparent or amber. This is often temporary!


Soap Bark: This evergreen tree is native to Chile. We use bark extract as a natural detergent surely cleaning products. Lemon: Our citrus flavor comes from real fruits, like lemons and oranges. Clean and smelly.

Better life natural all-purpose cleaner:

Plant-based biodegradable cleansing ingredients: formulated with powerful natural cleansers, like soap bark, corn and coconut, and flavored with rotten pomegranate extract to return our planet to nature. The cleanser combines the facility of plants and therefore the peaceful atmosphere to form your surface shine during a natural way and emit a fresh smell! Spray anywhere on the dirt: toilets, countertops, electrical appliances, upholstery, skirting, walls, floors, tables, showers, boats, cars, sporting goods, toys, everything is forbidden! Worry-free cleaning-no got to add dyes, synthetic fragrances or harsh and difficult-to-clean detergents. A far better quality cleaner that doesn't contain all uses: sodium lauryl, lauryl sulfate, petroleum solvents, parabens, ether, alcohols or ethoxylates. Cruelty-BETTER LIFE may be a certified leaping rabbit company that has never tested animals. Please note: Atomizer with two bags included. Spray on the second cylinder and reuse it (just remove the spray from the primary cylinder and spray it on the second cylinder). The trigger color may vary.

Ingredients: Purified water, coconut surfactant, vegetable-based surfactant, natural aminoalkanoic acid surfactant, preservative.

Better life natural floor cleaner:

Spray parquet, ceramic tile, marble, bamboo, vinyl, laminate and other sealed floors to urge a streak-free, shiny gloss. It's directly applicable to any sort of soil. A touch bit. Use a humid mop cord, steam, sponge or flat surface.

Ingredient: Purified water, lauryl glucoside (plant source), decyl glucoside (plant source), glycerin (plant), mint leaf extract, lemon (lemon) citrus peel extract, green citrus kumquat peel (orange peel), citrus extract (grape), cardamom seed extract Elettaria (cardamom), citrus peel extract (lime), citrus extract citrus bergamot (bergamot), orange (mandarin) Citrus fruits.

Better life granite stone floor cleaner:

Suitable for high-quality stone surfaces like granite, marble, quartz, slate, concrete, travertine, terrazzo, limestone, diatomite, talc and Rosetta stone (not recommended). Spray and wipe. Light it up for a short time. Not got to clean. It never contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Synthetic, Perfume, Alcohol, Oil Solvent, Colored Ester, Paraben.

Ingredients: Purified water, coconut surfactant blend, biodegradable polymer (gloss enhancer), pure basic pomegranate and grapefruit oil, preservative.

Better life plan based cleaning starter kit:

Our hottest toolkit! Universal Cleaner-Sage and citrus (32 ounces (1.21 kg)), Floor Cleaner-Citrus Mint Glass Cleaner (32 ounces ( 1.21 kg)), Kitchen and toilet Washers (16 ounces ( 0.6 kg)), Universal Superfine not tested on animals Fiber towels. Made within  us, with selected parts and ingredients from everywhere the planet.

Characteristics of higher life products:

Better Life products are packaged with solar power and recyclable materials, and its formula degrades (degrades within the environment) 2 to five times faster than leading natural and traditional cleaning products. They're also not tested on animals.

It is freed from coloring, synthetic fragrances, sulfates and petroleum solvents. It provides more herbal activities, fewer warning signs and formulas, which are always safe for people that are messy (unsafe from chaos).

The better life removes dirt and grease, because we believe that cleaning won't be irritating, you don’t need neon dyes, and you don’t got to wear perfume. It's necessary to develop the safest and best products without compromise.

Finally, Better Life Floor Cleaner may be a great cleaner, which may be applied to most sorts of floors, keeps the ground sterile and clean. And it's easily available. It makes the ground shiny with less use. So, the cleaner are often used with none hesitation. Let your floor be safe and clean.

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